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Attached Meetings & Social Events

Invitation for organized side events

Each year, the main program of the Wildland Fire Canada Conference is complemented by a broad selection of side events, both professional and social. For this purpose, we are opening this invitation to offer our help to create spaces for dialog, exchange of ideas, and networking opportunities.

In addition, in a time of dramatically reduced or restricted budgets, we recognize that it is difficult to justify travel to multiple conferences and meetings and we think that doubling up on travel is a fiscally responsible way to attend professional meetings. 

We invite groups, committees, and individuals to hold smaller meetings and organize side social events in conjunction with the Wildland Fire Canada Conference to be held in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

If possible, we will offer meeting rooms and basic audio-visual equipment at the convention center at no extra cost.

The cost of additional catering is not included; however, we are happy to help arrange it on your behalf. No outside food may be brought in, the convention center can provide catering services. 

We are also happy to help you find the perfect venue outside the convention center for your event. There may be additional charges incurred.

If you are interested in holding an attached meeting or social event in conjunction with the Wildland Fire Canada Conference, please submit below. 

Submit by September 1st. We will accept late submissions based on availability of meeting space. 

 Questions: Mikel Robinson, 

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