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Panel Session: Community Wildfire Resilience
Building community capacity for wildfire emergency management 

Moderator: Tara McGee, Professor, Faculty of Science – Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

  • Westley Steed, Wildfire Risk Management Coordinator, Forest Management Division, Government of the Northwest Territories
  • Magda Zachara, FireSmart Canada Program Manager
  • Michelle Vandevord, President, Indigenous Fire Safety Council
  • Cliff Buettner, Program Director, Prince Albert Grand Council
Panel Session: Fostering Pyrodiversity through Knowledge Exchange

Connecting diverse sources of knowledge to address wildland fire challenges

Moderator: Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz 


  • Oliver Costello, FireSticks Alliance, Australia
  • Amanda Monthei, Life with Fire podcast, former hotshot
  • Lori Daniels, Professor, University of British Columbia and NSERC-Canada Wildfire Strategic Network
  • Alex Zahara, Prince Albert Grand Council
Panel Session: New Knowledge of Wildland Fire-Climate Society Interactions
Emerging technologies and knowledge to support wildland fire management 

Moderator: Jonathan Boucher, Researcher, Forests Fire, Laurentian Forestry Centre, CFS

  • Christopher (Kit) O’Connor, Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Human Dimensions Program
  • Tanya Letcher, Provincial Fire Behaviour Analyst, Alberta Wildfire
  • Pierre Martel, National Fire Management Officer, Parks Canada
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Ralph Waldo Emerson