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Don't settle for bad maps

Sponsored Post by Fire Ai

Today, throughout the world, many fire professionals are expected to defend the well-being of communities and the environment without access to a map. Access to maps should be a fundamental right of firefighters.

The inability to access fireline information is sometimes due to under-funded or poorly provisioned fire programs. Oftentimes, it is the result of the complexities of map making. Maps are complicated to make and they are especially complicated to make well.

Fire AI is a mapping tool developed by firefighters, for firefighters. We are focused on accessibility, meaning the ability to create, edit and share a map has never been easier. Whether you’re as green as grass and on your very first fire, or a charred veteran of countless campaign fires, you can now understand the environment around you, in a way never before possible.

Our ardent belief that fireline mapping should be a fundamental right of firefighters means that the core of Fire AI will be free, forever. Fire professionals constrained by finite resources or technical capacity now have access to the best, most technologically advanced fireline mapping tool on the planet.

Maps are all about making connections.
With connection, we reduce the barriers between ourselves as firefighters, fire managers and decision makers. Success is a measure of our common understanding of our objectives, progress and commitment to fire safety. By focusing on information distribution we minimize the distance between the sweat stained faces and parched throats on the frontline and those orchestrating the complexities of the suppression response on the back-end.

Fire AI is a collaborative platform allowing users to update their environment with changes shared across the network in real-time. This means that populating maps, distributing information and tracking progress is shared among all participants in the wildland fire environment: a powerful connection of situational awareness and firefighter safety.

We are taking advantage of exciting remote sensing technologies like drones, satellite imagery and the sensors in our mobile devices to enhance our understanding of fire: a powerful connection for decision makers and leaders. A modern framework for fire management is achieved when common sense, experience, training and data come together to inform our decisions.

Sign up for Fire AI today. As a part of our community of fire professionals, by using our platform, you are not only forging a connection for wildland firefighters around the world to gain access to a safer fireline, you are contributing to the future of firefighting itself.

This is a fire worth lighting.