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The Experience

Canada requires all visitors be up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Mentoring Program

Are you a student looking to expand your fire network, or attending a conference for the first time? Or are you a veteran of conferences looking to share your knowledge and support a new attendee? Then sign up for the Wildland Fire Canada Conference mentoring program!
We will match students and early career professionals with experienced fire professionals. We are looking for both mentors and mentees able to meet during the conference – whether in person or virtually! Sign up when you register for the conference.
We will match mentors and mentees based on your interests and backgrounds and introduce you via email prior to the conference. Then we will host a virtual zoom gathering for all mentors and mentees about 2 weeks before the conference and provide you with tips for making the most of your mentoring experience.
Mentors and mentees contact each other by email prior to the conference to agree on a place and time to meet early in the conference.  During the conference, mentors try to introduce their mentee to others, discuss networking, and share information to maximize the conference experience. Mentors also can give advice about selecting session and tours to attend, or making the rounds in the reception, the exhibit hall, or the Poster Session, and how to maximize opportunities for professional development, new projects, and new ideas.
Questions or Concerns?

Email the Mentor Coordinator, Mikel Robinson, if you have any questions about the program.

IAWF Principles of Conduct

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Being a diverse and inclusive organization will enable the International Association of Wildland Fire to learn from others, grow our understanding, and find new ways to address, understand and implement solutions to complex problems. The IAWF desires to maintain a positive, empowering, inclusive and innovative culture that enables all members of the fire community to feel safe and valued when contributing to the IAWF. We want to operate in a flexible and open manner to meet our membership’s needs and to help members achieve their fullest potential.


Principles of Conduct – Living Our Values – Leading by Example
In the conduct of personal and professional matters, IAWF places high importance on the values of integrity, responsibility and reputation. We are committed to maintaining high standards both within the organization and in our dealings with others in our daily lives. Our leadership has developed these Principles of Conduct to define our accepted and unacceptable ethical behaviors. We have established guidelines for all members at all times and non-members who may be participating at any IAWF conducted activities. It helps ensure that IAWF promotes, achieves, and maintains high standards of practice and it provides a benchmark for members and non-members participating in IAWF activities to use for self-evaluation. All conference attendees are required to read and agree to adhering to the Principles of Conduct.
If You Witness or are Subjected to Unacceptable Behavior

If you are subjected to unacceptable behavior, notice that someone else is being subjected to unacceptable behavior, hear of any such incidents, or have any other concerns, please notify an IAWF representative immediately and report the incident. There will be several means to report any occurrences of inappropriate behavior.

These include:

Face to face:
Any IAWF officer, Board Member, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee member, or any IAWF individual wearing a Planning Committee nametag, a session moderator, or anyone staffing the registration or IAWF tables are designated IAWF representatives and you can talk to them.

Someone will nearly always be at the at the Conference registration desk and you can report to them and they will contact an IAWF designated representative.

Anonymous reporting:
Use the Spot application.

Connection links and scan codes are provided in mobile app and on posters around the facility.

The link to report for an IAWF event or IAWF involvement from your computer or phone is:





We are committed to ensuring the needs of all our guests are met. If you have any special needs, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you. For more information about the accessibility of the hotel, visit their webpage.

Sustainability & Social Impact

This includes:
  • Selecting a venue committed to Corporate Responsibility.
  • Providing limited printed materials;
  • Providing a Mobile Application (Whova) with digital agenda;
  • Providing recycling receptacles throughout the venue;
  • Providing thoughtful giveaways (sustainable and useful);
  • Working with the venue to provide sustainable catering choices, and using local food vendors as much as possible.

Hotel: Guided by our sustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction, Marriott International commits to creating positive and sustainable impact wherever we do business. Marriott Sustainability and Social Impact Statement

Family Friendly

If you are breastfeeding or traveling with children, please let us know in advance so we can make your time at the conference more comfortable. We will have a quiet nursing room for breastfeeding and pumping and we can help find childcare close to the conference location.
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