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Federal Actions Towards Building Wildland Fire Resilience in Canada

Federal Actions Towards Building Wildland Fire Resilience in Canada A sponsored post by The Canadian Forest Service Wildland fires are a uniquely devastating type of natural disaster — one with which Canadians and others around the world are all too familiar. Available science tells us that climate change is driving

Aerial Fire Retardants: It’s Time for a Meaningful Change

Aerial Fire Retardants: It’s Time for a Meaningful Change A sponsored post by Fortress Long-term fire retardants have become an essential tool in the fight against wildfires, serving as a primary line of defense against fast moving fires and allowing ground crews to move into position to fortify fire defenses.

Alberta Wildfire: Shifting the focus  

Alberta Wildfire: Shifting the focus All photos by the Government of Alberta A sponsored post by Alberta Wildfire It is no secret that wildland fires are increasing in frequency, intensity, duration and complexity. How we detect, manage and communicate about them is also changing. We are seeing extreme weather conditions,

Don’t Settle for Bad Maps 

Don’t settle for bad maps Sponsored Post by Fire Ai Today, throughout the world, many fire professionals are expected to defend the well-being of communities and the environment without access to a map. Access to maps should be a fundamental right of firefighters. The inability to access fireline information is

A Canadian Aerial Response to Emergencies 

Photo by Alexandre Dubath Is There a Need? The size and number of emergencies is not decreasing. In just the past two years Canada has experienced a barrage of catastrophes, including wildfires, heat domes, atmospheric rivers, floods, and pandemics. And all predictions point to further turmoil, with climate change intensifying

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The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
John Muir


At this time, it is our intention to host an in-person conference, however, we intend to provide some opportunities allowing attendees to participate virtually if they choose. For the safety of our guests, we will incorporate any necessary safety precautions recommended by public health professionals and government entities. In the event circumstances surrounding COVID restrict/limit an in-person conference, we may explore a fully virtual option. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.