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The Smoke Forum

In 2022, the Canadian Smoke Forum will be integrated into the larger program of Wildland Fire Canada.

This reflects both the distinct challenges of smoke and that it is a ubiquitous feature of fire. Smoke is usually the first impact that people notice from wildfire, often affecting areas at great distances from the source. Wildfire smoke has been seen as an irritant, an aviation hazard, or a deterrent from recreation. Research has shown substantial health impacts associated with wildfires and with increasing numbers of intense fires smoke emissions are likely to increase.

Understanding smoke is key to managing the impacts including appropriate evacuation, creation of shelter-in-place facilities and issuance of public advisories. Smoke consequences also reinforce the need to understand how we can reduce high intensity uncontrolled fire through fuel management; including prescribed and cultural burning. Sharing research is key to ensuring results can be incorporated into the broader fire and emergency management communities.

The first smoke forum followed the Halifax Wildland Fire Canada Conference in 2014 and has been either adjacent or part of the conference ever since.

Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations will be incorporated into the WFCC Call for Presentations.

Canadian Smoke Forum Themes:
  • Smoke impacts
  • Health impacts
  • Emissions and smoke modeling
  • Monitoring
  • Climate and weather
  • Communications
  • Other
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