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Field Trips + Workshops

Call for Workshops and Field Trips

We invite our Wildland Fire Community to submit Workshop and Field Trip proposals for the upcoming Wildland Fire Canada Conference. The deadline to submit your proposals has been extended to May 27, 2022. 

Wildland Fire Canada Conference (WFCC) is a conference series that networks wildfire management agencies, partners and collaborators in Canada. These biennial conferences focus on wildfire management, ecology, and science in Canada. Canada has a diversity of fire-prone environments that bring a unique perspective to wildland fire challenges and opportunities.

The goal of these conferences is to provide a neutral forum for the exchange of best practices. The conferences promote opportunities for significant information exchange where: wildfire scientists present new research findings; wildfire practitioners discuss lessons learned; and wildfire enthusiasts attend workshops and activities to develop a deeper understanding about wildland fire across Canada. The Wildland Fire Canada Conferences facilitate a variety of partnerships from a multitude of disciplines

We invite our Wildland Fire Community to submit Workshop and Field Trip proposals for the upcoming Wildland Fire Canada Conference.

Field Trips

Please consider the conference objectives and logistics when submitting your proposal. Do not worry if your idea is not yet fully formed; complete the submission as thoroughly as possible, the exact details can be finalized at a later date.

Time Frame
  • ½ day
  • full day
  • overnight
Objective of Field Trip
  • Field trip title and Description
  • Local Partners/Guides & Instructor
  • Trip Itinerary
  • Weather Contingencies
  • COVID-19 restriction considerations
Transportation Needs
  • motorcoach/Passenger bus accessible
  • parking
Attendees comfort & safety
  • Lunch
  • Restrooms & conveniences
  • required safety gear (ppe, hard hats, nomex, etc)
  • estimated cost per person


The workshops will take place the day preceding the Wildland Fire Canada Conference (WFCC). Both in person and virtual workshops will be considered.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in wildland fire to discuss and exchange interests on defined topics. We view these workshops as an opportunity for information transfer.

There will be a nominal registration fee for participants to cover the cost of the meeting rooms, refreshments, and audio-visual equipment. Instructors are not required to pay this fee.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Title of the workshop
  • Name of the sponsoring organization, if applicable
  • Names, affiliations, and email addresses of the workshop instructors
  • Short bios (100 words) of the workshop instructors, including a description of their qualifications
  • relative to the topic area.

  • Proposed length of the workshop: (2 – 4 – 6 – 8 hours.)
  • A brief, one paragraph description of the workshop
  • A statement of the workshop’s objectives/goals
  • The maximum number of participants (if any)
  • Any special facility needs (e.g., LCD Projector, room set-up, internet connection, etc.)

Workshops with less than the minimum registration may be cancelled at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Workshop proposals will be evaluated based on their overall quality and fit with respect to the WFCC program.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to May 27, 2022. Notifications of accepted workshops and field trips will be announced by June 30, 2022.

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À l'heure actuelle, nous avons l'intention d'organiser une conférence en personne, mais nous avons l'intention de fournir certaines possibilités permettant aux participants de participer virtuellement s'ils le souhaitent. Pour la sécurité de nos clients, nous intégrerons toutes les précautions de sécurité nécessaires recommandées par les professionnels de la santé publique et les entités gouvernementales. Dans le cas où les circonstances entourant COVID restreignent / limitent une conférence en personne, nous pouvons explorer une option entièrement virtuelle. Nous continuerons de surveiller la situation et de vous tenir au courant.